Grevy Zebra:

Scientific Name: Equus Grevyi.  

Status: Endangered.

Habitat: Grasslands/Semi-Deserts.

Population: 2,500.

Life Span: 25 Years.

Length: 7-9 ft.

Weight: 400-1,000 lb.

 This series ‘Extinction’ demonstrates that the animals are incapable of surviving without the critical body part(s) they are killed for.  In the 1970’s, there was a high demand for the Grevy Zebra’s narrow striped skin in the fashion industry. The zebras were slaughtered to be made into handbags, wallets, slippers, rugs, wall-drapes, clothing, etc. Although Kenya has since banned illegal hunting of these creatures, locals still manage to kill the zebra for its skin and meat, which is then sold on the black market. Their meat is also used for medicinal and cultural purposes. Some Kenyan communities believe the zebra’s fat and meat is able to heal them of gonorrhea and tuberculosis.

Timelapse Retouching:

Behind the Scenes: