Snow Leopard:

Scientific Name: Panthera Uncia.

Status: Endangered.

Habitat: High Mountains.

Population: 3,500-7,000.

Life Span: 15-20 Years.

Length: 6 ft.

Weight: 75-120 lb.

 This series ‘Extinction’ demonstrates that the animals are incapable of surviving without the critical body part(s) they are killed for.  Snow Leopards are prized for their beautiful fur in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. They are killed for garment making, while their bones and body parts are in demand for Chinese Medicine. Tigers are the preferred animal for Chinese Medicine, however tigers are so rare that poachers will use snow leopards in their place. A full snow leopard body can be resold for $10,000 on the black market, making them extremely valuable to hunters.

Behind the Scenes: