Scientific Name: Budorcas Taxicolor.

Status: Vulnerable.

Habitat: Rocky High Mountains.

Population: 3,000-8,000.

Life Span: 15-20 Years.  

Length: 5-7 ft.

Weight: 500-1,000 lb.

 This series ‘Extinction’ demonstrates that the animals are incapable of surviving without the critical body part(s) they are killed for.  The Sichuan Takin population is decreasing due to a rapid increase of illegal hunting. The open areas in which they graze makes these mammals an easy target for over hunting. Sport hunting magazines provide hunters with the information needed to find these rare animals any season of the year. These hunters view the takin species as a prize possession for their trophy collection, and will travel from America to China to bring a full grown takin home. They are slaughtered for their meat and fur, and to have their heads placed on a plaque for display.

Behind the Scenes: