Scientific Name: Tapirus Bairdii.

Status: Endangered.

Habitat: Jungle and Forest Regions.

Population: 5,000.

Life Span: 25-30 Years.

Length: 5 ft.

Weight: 500-800 lb.

 This series ‘Extinction’ demonstrates that the animals are incapable of surviving without the critical body part(s) they are killed for.  The Tapir is a shy creature, one that limits interaction with humans. Despite their reserved demeanor, they are still hunted and preyed upon by humans for their meat and flesh. Their skin takes on a leathery feel and people use it to make items such as backpacks, ropes to ride horses, baskets, carpets and bed covers. The tapir’s feet and skin are used for folk medicine in the attempt to treat epilepsy and heart disease. Each species of tapir is considered vulnerable or endangered. Their population continues to decline as poaching persists.

Behind the Scenes: